Vintage Fifties Fashion Skirts

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Vintage Fifties Fashion Skirts Wife Shops
Fifties Self Tie Mesh Skirt

This cute little skirt is made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex. The length is a little above the knee which is probably a little short for the fifties, but perfect for today. Of course the belt is totally fifties with the ribbon and bow.

During the fifties women were expected to wear high heels when dressing nicely. Choose a matching pair of high heel shoes by clicking here.

Living during the fifties must have been great. The wonderful music is just as popular today as it was then. Fashion from the fifties is very much in style today. The fifties are ageless.

Vintage Fifties Fashion Skirts Wife Shops 2Fifties Double Button Waist Flared Skirt

This high waist skirt is of mid-calf length, which was the most popular skirt length from the fifties. Material is 75% Polyester and 25% Cotton. The hem is full flared. Again this was very popular in the fifties and allowed the skirt to swish when the lady walked. A little swishing movement in the skirt was considered to add attraction. In other words, it was sexy.

Plaid Print Skirt Wife Shops
Fifties Plaid Print Skirt

Pleated plaid skirts were very popular. Generally were knee length and longer. The shorter skirts became popular during the 60’s.

Layer Pencil Skirt Wife Shops
Fifties Layer Pencil Skirt

Fifties Print Volume Skirt
Fifties View Print Volume Skirt

Vintage Fifties Fashion Skirts

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