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Brand from Japan: UNMIX. The glossy texture creates a three-dimensional effect on the lips for a transparent finish. It is designed to make your lips look beautiful, and with adjusted coloring, you can enjoy just the right amount of transparency and makeup. The texture that emphasizes luster creates firm and three-dimensional lips. The unique wetness and transparency create a fresh and transparent finish while making the best use of the original color of your lips. A lipstick that allows the color of the person’s lips to show through, and all colors look good on all women. Contains moisturizing oil to keep your lips moist and moisturized. How to use: Please attach the lipstick UNMIX Moisture Lipstick Glow directly. Although it looks strong, it is adjusted so that it develops just right, so it will look familiar. By cutting the tip of the lipstick, which is particular about the beautiful color on the lips. No matter who wears it, there is no color unevenness and you can draw lips with a soft outline.