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Brand from South Korea: Sulwhasoo. Benefits: This lipstick gives off a natural, bright lip color while moisturizing the lips with its oil-infused formula. Serum-based texture that gives a slightly glossy finish. Formula contains apricot extract and elastic complex that applies easily on lips. Bright and fresh colors that naturally lightens up the makeup look. #01 Apricot Serum: Transparent lip color. #02 Blossom Serum: Light pink color. #04 Rose Red: Rose pink color. #05 Blossom Coral: Light coral color #11 Radiant Red: Bright red color. #38 Subtle Pink: MLBB pink color. #39 Rose Veil: Dry rose color. #43 Burnt Sunset: Burnt orange color. #54 Maroon Red: Burnt red color. #56 Player Red: Burnt rose red color. #59 Autumn Red: MLBB brick red color. How to use: Apply onto lips directly and evenly.