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Brand from Japan: REISE. Penetration moisturizing by perfect reproduction of melody structure. A sleeping pack with 100% lamellar structure that uses only rare Italian olives and macadamia nuts to give you a feeling of firmness and moisture. Lamellar liquid crystal moisturizing ingredients enter intercellular lipids with moist separation technology by Fit PM (penetrant moisture) formulation. By adopting a multi-lamellar liquid crystal structure, it suppresses water evaporation without destroying the barrier function, and exhibits continuous moisturizing and immediate texture conditioning effect. The synergistic effect of high-concentration eggshell membrane extract and vitamin C derivatives exerts anti-aging effects due to collagen production and cell protection / antioxidant effects due to UV damage during the daytime. A luxurious combination of carefully selected Hokkaido organic plant extracts, which has excellent barrier improvement and anti-inflammatory effects. It can also be used on immature infant skin. How to use: As a night pack: After skin care before bedtime (after milky lotion or cream), spread about 2 cherries from the inside to the outside and massage for about 1 minute. No need to wash away. As a massage cream: After washing your face, spread it evenly over your face and massage. After about 10 minutes, wash it off or remove the tissue and do your usual skin care.