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Brand from Japan: N organic. A lotion that moisturizes and fills the skin, leading to glossy skin. Moisturizes the skin after washing and prevents skin troubles (rough skin, dryness). Penetration Introduced by blending support ingredients, a multifunctional lotion that also functions as a beauty essence. While increasing the moisturizing ingredients and oil content to make it thick and rich, the introduced beauty essence function improves the familiarity with the skin. Avocado oil and olive fruit oil are blended to protect the skin and give a moist and glossy finish. Moisturizing power makes dry fine wrinkles inconspicuous. Sweet citrus essential oil blend has a pleasant scent. How to use: After washing your face, push to your hands and warm to body temperature. Just before applying it to your face, take a deep breath and enjoy the scent of essential oils before applying it to your entire face.