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Brand from Japan: ISEHAN. A lipstick coat that doesn’t fade with a single coat just by layering it on your usual lipstick. By using a leaf-shaped spatula tip, you can evenly apply to the corners of your mouth without sticking out. Contains moisturizing beauty essence ingredients. In addition, the soft focus component fits the wrinkles on the lips and corrects the vertical wrinkles on the lips. Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract, chamomile extract, and squalane (all moisturizing ingredients). Skin irritation test completed. Fragrance-free. Due to make-up effect. Not all people are free from skin irritation. How to use: Please use it after applying your own lipstick. Close the cap properly and shake the container well. Take an appropriate amount on a tip and spread it thinly on your lips. One point: After application, lightly press the surface of the lips with a tissue to improve the color retention.