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A major must-have for any style and closet, these high-waist denim shorts are designed with cuffed hems for added casual vibes. Available in a range of sizes and colors. Color: Black, Materials: Denim, Size: 25: Waist: 64cm, Hips: 88cm, Rise (Front): 24.5cm, Rise (Back): 34cm, Hem: 55cm, Total Length: 29cm26: Waist: 66cm, Hips: 90.5cm, Rise (Front): 25cm, Rise (Back): 34.5cm, Hem: 56cm, Total Length: 30cm27: Waist: 68.5cm, Hips: 93cm, Rise (Front): 25.5cm, Rise (Back): 35cm, Hem: 57cm, Total Length: 30cm28: Waist: 71cm, Hips: 95.5cm, Rise (Front): 26cm, Rise (Back): 35.5cm, Hem: 58cm, Total Length: 31cm29: Waist: 73.5cm, Hips: 98cm, Rise (Front): 26.5cm, Rise (Back): 36cm, Hem: 59cm, Total Length: 31cm30: Waist: 76cm, Hips: 100.5cm, Rise (Front): 27cm, Rise (Back): 36.5cm, Hem: 60cm, Total Length: 32cm31: Waist: 78.5cm, Hips: 103cm, Rise (Front): 27.5cm, Rise (Back): 37cm, Hem: 61cm, Total Length: 32cm32: Waist: 81cm, Hips: 105.5cm, Rise (Front): 28cm, Rise (Back): 37.5cm, Hem: 62cm, Total Length: 33cm, Care: N/A