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Brand from Japan: Fujiko. 102 Hanaguruma Beige: Pretty x Mode: Pretty but mode. A good woman who is loved without being flattered. Melt, fill, become my lips. Glossy finish with the premise of not falling off Melting, filling, becoming my lips . From the popular nuanced slap tint, a limited edition color with an increased water content and a fresher and lighter finish is now available, while maintaining the water tint formula that is premised on not falling off! With the theme of a cute flower wheel (gerbera), it brings out the pure charm. In addition, the gloss, color development, moisture, and even swelling are wrapped on the lips at the same time. Cover the vertical wrinkles with a moist wrap, and make your lips look like they have a thin glass film on them. The luster and color that I wanted lasts for a long time. Even though it’s a tint, it’s a nuanced color that makes your lips look like it’s colored, giving you a casual sex appeal. Grapefruit scent. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount along the lips. If you leave it for a while, it will become more difficult to stick to the mask.