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Brand from Japan: FRESH AROMA. Moisturize to prevent stretch marks on pregnant women. It has good permeability and is not sticky. Keep your special pregnant skin moist and soft. It nourishes and regenerates the skin while moisturizing and moisturizing. 100% plant-derived additive-free, organic oil blended. Chamomile: Makes your skin smooth and bright. Mandarin: A soothing scent. In order to prevent stretch marks in the stable period, moisturize the skin before the stretch marks are formed to keep the skin soft and moisturized. Once stretch marks are formed, they cannot be removed. Gentle scent of organic essential oil. The scent changes over time. Mandarin, chamomile, calendula, geranium, frankincense. How to use: Stretch mark treatment for tightening from pregnancy to postpartum: Take an appropriate amount and gently massage the entire stomach clockwise. Take an appropriate amount and massage gently on the entire thigh and hips. This is the part where stretch marks are likely to occur, so it is effective to massage earlier than before stretch marks. If you massage yourself, please sit comfortably on your thighs and thighs. Please use your hips while standing and paying close attention to your feet. For general moisturizing Dry skin moisturizing: After showering or bathing, take an appropriate amount on moist skin and apply directly. Prevents dryness, keeps you moisturized all night, and gives you a good night’s rest. You can relax both physically and mentally while enjoying the scent of natural aroma.