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Brand from Japan: FRESH AROMA. For moisturizing the skin. Natural water and organic oil. 100% plant-derived additive-free that you can use with confidence! Of all the ingredients, the ingredients marked with are ACO certified organic oils. Contains no fragrances or chemical ingredients. Alcohol free. A toner that is gentle on sensitive skin. Manufactured by sticking to the important ingredient water of lotion. An ultra-soft water natural mineral water produced by Mt. Gassan, the main peak of Mt. Dewa. It contains plenty of silica, which is said to be good for skin beautification. Moisturizing water with plenty of natural minerals penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin. Lavender: For excellent relaxation that maintains mental balance. It can be used for all skin types for skin care. How to use: Take a 500-yen coin in your hand, apply it to your face, and use it around your neck.