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Brand from Japan: FRESH AROMA. Concentrated penetration into areas of concern. Hyaluronic acid supplements. A beauty essence that replenishes areas of concern such as the eyes and decollete after lotion. Contains no fragrances or chemical ingredients. Moisturize well after lotion. We are particular about Rose Otto. Natural water is also natural water from Gassan in Yamagata Prefecture. Essential oil + natural water which is the concept of the aroma moist series. By interacting with selected natural water, we bring out the power of Organic Rose Otto. Natural water and organic quality essential oils go very well together, and you can feel that they are smooth and moisturized. It is a natural ingredient that is highly functional and gentle on sensitive skin. Focus on Rose’s ability to penetrate the skin, high moisturizing effect, and moisturizing feeling. Among the various roses, I was particular about choosing only the Bulgarian rose, which was picked in the morning in Bulgaria, which is said to be the country of roses. We are particular about water, which is important as an ingredient. Gassan’s natural water in Yamagata Prefecture contains plenty of silica. Rose Otto: It is called the Queen of Aroma because of its elegant and mellow scent and rich efficacy. Mental effects: When you are depressed, tired from the stress of socializing, or lose confidence, Rose Otto gently wraps you and heals you elegantly. How to use: For areas of concern such as eyelids and decollete after lotion. Take a small bean grain in your hand, let it blend in, and use it from your face to your neck.