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Brand from Japan: FORD HAIR COSMETICS. Hair care that reproduces the style at the salon in a short time. Although the basis of a beautiful style is healthy hair, it cannot always be said to be in the best condition due to coloring trends, diverse hairstyles, and changes in hair quality due to age. The Deep Element series is a base makeup hair care product that cares for hair and supports styling. This is a new hair care concept that deeply penetrates the elements that make your hair beautiful regardless of its condition, leading to easy-to-style hair in a short period of time. Gives elasticity and lightness to the hair, and maintains a smooth and light texture and a good fit through fingers. How to use: It is recommended to wash the shampoo twice. After washing your scalp, run your fingers through your hair. After rinsing thoroughly, take an appropriate amount of the treatment in your hand, apply it to the entire hair so that it passes through your fingers from the ends of your hair, and then leave it for a suitable time and wash it off.