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Brand from Japan: ettusais. Essence plumper that dyes lips with a color that resembles dust. With a ruddy color and a plump effect that makes you look plump, it looks like dusty lips Dyes on your lips and keeps the finish fresh. It was Depends on color Spicy tint prescription (combined with blood-colored tint, forming pearl, and hot ingredients) A seamless finish that blends in with the color of your skin, regardless of whether it is burube or yebe, with a slightly transparent finish that is properly colored. Harmonyized color pearl formulation, transparent prescription. Produces a dense luster with a smooth fit that melts. Vertical wrinkles are also inconspicuous. Combined with dense glossy oil. Moisture lasts for a long time. A slim stick that is easy to apply even on the lips. Unscented Allergy tested (not all people are allergic) How to use: Pull out the contents by about 2 mm and apply it to your lips.