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Brand from Japan: DHC. DHC Origin of skin care DHC olive virgin oil is blended in luxury, high moisturizing cream pursuing natural origin with particular attention to plant origin. DHC olive virgin oil is a valuable oil Furoru de Aseite (Virgin Oil’s Hana) which is obtained only from Spanish organic cultivated olive fruit 100% organic cosmetic oil. It blended its DHC olive virgin oil luxuriously. Natural cosmetic ingredients of organic cultivated olive, full of life force prepares plump texture of skin and gives shiny elasticity. In addition, squalane, rice bran oil and other plant-derived ingredients are also compounded. It protects the skin gently, prevents drying and roughness, keeps it moist and moist. Creams of thick and thick texture melt on your skin to olive virgin oil. It features a feeling of security and a sticky feeling that makes your skin melt smoothly. It is also recommended as a special care that smooths the skin in the season when dryness is concerned as daily care by using in conjunction with DHC olive virgin oil. No fragrance, coloring, paraben free natural ingredient combination. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (pearl grain size) in your hand and let it fit the whole face. When used with DHC olive virgin oil, use before olive virgin oil.