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Brand from Japan: DHC. Added with five organic ingredients. Nourishing yet non-greasy texture. Dissolves into skin instantly and provides long-lasting moisture and smoothness. A dense cream for the body that wraps the whole body with rich moisture and sticks to beautiful skin. In addition to abundant moisturizing ingredients derived from plants, collagen and squalane, which are beautiful skin ingredients, are added to give the skin a luxurious moisture and firmness. In addition, it has a rich and rich texture but is not sticky. Smoothly applies to the skin to prevent dryness and rough skin, and keeps moist bare skin for a long time. The fragrance of the soft sweet botanical sweet is a feminine fragrance with a gentle sweetness in the freshness, accented with green apple and fruity rose. Contains no coloring, paraben free and natural ingredients. How to use: Use after bathing or when you are concerned about drying. Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and massage it gently over your body.