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Brand from Hong Kong: Daitima. Refreshing and Non-Greasy. Instantly Absorbed Long Last Moisturizing. All natural organic ingredients are enriched with Cocoa Butter and Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, along with extracts like Organic Natural Aloe Vera Gel. Cocoa butter is rich in fats and acidic oxidants, which deeply moisturizes the skin and helps fight skin aging, dark spots and dull skin. The main omega fatty acids (OMEGA-7) in sea buckthorn fruit oil are the main moisturizing natural ingredients of the skin, which can moisturize dry skin, relieve skin irritation, calm and relieve skin inflammation. Softens dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Double lasting moisturizing. Promotes the repair and regeneration of superficial skin cells. Lighten sensitive skin spots. Made in Hong Kong Own clean room production Hong Kong notary public Intertek quality inspection There are more and more types of eczema products on the market that are labeled as pure natural steroid-free, but there are not many products that can really provide authoritative notarized test reports. Eczema sufferers can’t judge the quality of the product when choosing. Most will work in the beginning, but long-term use of steroid ointments can create dependence and side effects that can lead to adverse reactions. Failure to prevent eczema can also affect future life and health. No Hormones and Steroids Allergenic Cleaner/Foamer No SLS,SLES No Chemical Preservatives No Plasticizers No Phthalates No Mineral Oils No Heavy Metals e.g. Mercury Suitable for all skin types, dry demolition skin or moderate eczema *Apply to affected area daily or as needed Organic Cocoa Butter: Because cocoa butter contains higher fatty acids, it can increase skin elasticity while keeping skin moist. Cocoa butter can form a protective barrier on the skin surface, lock the moisture in the skin, so that the skin will not lose its nourishing ingredients. Among them, vitamins A, C, and E can provide different nutrients for dry skin. Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil: Also known as the Emperor of Fruits, it is a complex of various vitamins and biologically active substances. Key Omega Fatty Acids (OMEGA-7), the skin’s main moisturizing natural ingredient, moisturize the skin and help calm and soothe irritated skin. It can nourish the skin, promote the metabolism of dry, cracked and sensitive skin, anti-allergic, sterilize and reduce inflammation, promote epithelial cell regeneration. Repair damaged skin, maintain the acidic environment of the skin, and have strong permeability. Double the effect of moisturizing and repairing the skin. Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Aloe vera contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, oxidants and other biologically active compounds. Amino acids and complex polysaccharides can form a nat