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Brand from China: COLORKEY. Benefits: COLORKEY Velvety Mousse Lip Mud use an unprecedented mousse mudtexture. It is not the liquid used in ordinary lip glaze, but the semi-solid mud. Lip mud looks dry, but it is really silky , dense and smooth. The mud texture is thinner and more translucent, easily creating an airy soft mist lip makeup. Selected warm sunset colors, easily create an atmosphere of the same color makeup. follow colorkey to feel the romance and freedom between your lips. create the ultimate matte soft mist makeup effect, easily hide lip wrinkles, and make the lips more three-dimensional and plump. Featured with Microbow 10 Fluffy Lip Brush, easy to pick colors and outline the lip shape. Add moisturizing ingredients, matte but not dry, special mud texture, so that it can be firmly on the lips.The makeup effect is long-lasting and does not stick to the cup easily.Cute & Funny, Be a sweet cool princess.