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Hypnotic Poison Perfume Perfect Sexy Woman

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Hypnotic Poison Perfume Perfect Sexy Woman Uptown Fashion Hypnotic Poison Perfume for Women by Christian Dior 3.4 oz


By CHRISTIAN DIOR CHRISTIAN DIOR created HYPNOTIC POISON in 1998. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: almond, caraway and jasmine. The middle notes are: moss, sandal wood and oak moss and the base of the fragrance is: vanilla, musk and cedar.

This is a very sophisticated fragrance for the active woman of the world. Be subtle but alluring with just enough fragrance to be noticed.

Hypnotic Poison Perfume Perfect Sexy Woman

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Many fragrances have come and gone, but only a few have the staying power or Dior. They are the favorite of the smart professional woman. Wear to meeting in the office or to a dinner party. The fragrance will fit any group with out being over powering.



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